Mat Devine’s Lost Journal Entries… Entry #7

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I'm sorry! It's been a while since I've posted an entry from Mat's lost journal! You guys if I forget in the future, please feel free to yell at me via Facebook or Twitter about it! January 11th, 2003 climate: light wind, a bit cool.. perfect cigarette and flask weather reading: rolling stone feature on Justin Timberlake listening to: Labradford MP3s and new Mudvayne single for comedic value x-box: tony hawk 4, max pain, HALO recording: ‘I wanna be a kennedy’ our record label has generously afforded me the luxury of studying vocal technique with a very esteemed teacher who works with “every big name in the business”. His walls are covered in platinum records, and his piano is lit tered with correspondence from kylie, bjork, brittany, Enrique, etc… To continue reading the entry go here:

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