Mat Devine’s Lost Journal – January 19th, 2003

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January 19

climate: too cold to swim reading: article on Richard branson listening to: emerge x-box: HALO recording: ‘new heart’ keyboard lead mixed emotions today as greg, garret and skaggs leave LA return to the fatherland. Departure at the airport set the stage for what could have been a canned scene from a ‘reality television’ episode, but the feelings in this case were sincere. I’m very proud of their work on the record. My parents never chose to send me off to a camp as a kid, but I imagine this is how those summers must have ended. -Can’t stay in Oz forever. I guess you take change and achievement, mix in a little sorrow, and call it “growth”. There are benefits to thinning the herd, however. I’ve always found solitude to be very conducive to my creativity. Alone in the bedroom for the first night in 6 months, new ideas for slow-motion grainy black and white video shoots with fake snow and spotlights danced in my head as they always used to. P.s. I have to stop eating in the equipment closet. It’s starting to smell less like an exclusive supper club and more like a big hot ass.
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